Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lord Hobo - not a biker bar after all !

Every time I walk to Kendall Square from my place I walk by this place called Lord Hobo - and for some reason I've always thought it was a biker bar. Thinking back, I have no idea where I came up with that. After a friend recommended it for dinner last week, I learned that it is in fact, a great little bar and restaurant! The outside leaves a little to be desired, but the inside is pretty big and we had an easy time getting a table for the 5 of us.

Lord Hobo
92 Hampshire Street, Between Central and Kendall

There's a really big drinks menu with a diverse offering of beer on tap. I enjoyed a 'South Hampton Double White' and some of the other girls tried out the 'Victory Summer Love.' They call their menu New American so it has a mixture of new takes on some traditional dishes -  like truffle fries, house made pickles, turkey chili with plantain, chicken lollipops. After seeing someone else's order go by we decided to share an order of the Polenta Fries (with garlic aioli, $7). They were clearly just made - very crunchy on the outside with freshly grated parmesan and a flavorful aioli to dip the sticks into.

The same dishes seemed to be jumping out at us from the menu, because 3 of us ordered the Summer Corn Pizza ($10) and the other 2 girls ordered the Mozzarella Sandwich ($12). The pizza included a sweet corn puree, chevre, garlic aioli, arugula and an optional fried egg on top for an extra $2. Although it was technically in the appetizer section, it was a perfect portion for one person for dinner. It was a bit salty, but still delicious with the combination of ingredients.
The sandwich was described as fried house made mozzarella, eggplant caponata, peppadew-tomato jam and baby greens. I think my friends were surprised to see just how fried the mozzarella was - almost like mozzarella sticks on a sandwich, so definitely on the heavier side. It looked good, but maybe something worth sharing given how much bread and cheese there was on the sandwich.

With just one dessert option (an ice cream sunday from Toscanini's) we decided we were conveniently close to Christina's Ice Cream in Inman Square and went there instead! I would definitely go back to Lord Hobo - they also have an intriguing brunch menu that could tempt me to head there on a weekend morning!

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