Friday, November 16, 2012

My First Weekend in Newport

In September I went to Newport for the first time! I know, now that I've been there - I'm not sure what took me so long to get there and I'm looking forward to getting back there next summer! I can imagine the area gets a little crazy during the summer season, but thankfully in early September it wasn't too bad. We managed to get a little beach time in, explore the historic down town area, cross the bridge to Jamestown and Narragansett, and most importantly, I got to see some old college friends get married in Portsmouth at the Glen Manor House!

Anthony's Seafood
963 Aquidneck Avenue, Middletown, RI

While in Newport for this wedding weekend, we stumbled upon this great little casual seafood spot in Middletown, Rhode Island thanks to some highly recommended Yelp reviews. They have seafood retail in addition to the restaurant section, and have all the usual seafood dishes you expect to find in the northeast.

I had to try their New England clam chowder ($3.25), which was a thicker variety - that always clues me in to it being an unhealthy version because it must be made with cream and not milk, unfortunately. It was tasty, though I don't really remember it being spectacularly memorable.

We both opted for the same untraditional sandwich that sounded interesting: Grilled Sword Steak with pesto, grilled tomato and mozzarella cheese ($10.95). We were both totally into this sandwich - I know the rule is usually don't mix seafood and cheese, but on this sandwich it worked. The pesto and juice from the swordfish made the bread a little soggy for my tastes after a little time, but I'd rather that than dry fish. I also would've liked the cheese a bit more melted, rather than thrown on at the end just before serving. The sandwich came with pretty basic fries that were also tasty.

Would definitely recommend this local joint!!

Slice of Heaven
Jamestown, RI

I absolutely love going out for breakfast but it is usually the meal I find the least reason to go out for because it's so easy to make in for yourself. Another Yelp find - we sat down to a delicious breakfast at this little local place, Slice of Heaven, just over the bridge from Newport.

My favorite thing to do is share dishes out because it allows me to try more! Thankfully, we were able to agree on two dishes here - one of their omelets and an order of their pancakes - one blueberry and two banana walnut! The omelet ingredients weren't my favorite - the onions weren't cooked completely so they were strong. I liked that it came with fruit salad!
Everything was overall good though and the outdoors seating was nice, but I absolutely loved their pancakes the most - would highly recommend them! Three would've been a lot as breakfast so I'm glad we shared so it wasn't quite like eating dessert at 10am.

Newport Vineyards
909 East Main Road, Middletown

The morning before the wedding a group of us decided to take advantage of our proximity to area vineyards by scheduling a wine tasting and tour at Newport Vineyards. The tour was interesting, but I've had better guides at other vineyards. There were a few wines we liked enough to buy - and settled on purchasing a white and a red.

No wedding weekend is complete without a wedding cake! This wedding weekend had cake and matching cupcakes, in additional to lots of other sweet treats and a candy station too! Beautiful wedding Danielle and Zach - and thanks for giving me a perfect reason to get down to Newport for the first time!

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