Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fun Birthday Food!

I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family around who all made my birthday last week so great! Given my birthday fell on a weekday this year, I ended up with 3-4 days of celebrating :-)

It started the weekend before when I came home to find this surprise on my kitchen table thanks to my mom and dad! So sweet!

On my actual birthday, my awesome coworkers brought in birthday cake cupcakes from Crema! Delicious and so fun with the rainbow sprinkles - made me feel like a kid again!

Then after work I got a special treat - someone else cooked for me! My bf made such a nice dinner for me - caprese salad, baked salmon and vegetables, couscous, and frozen yogurt as a final sweet touch! I didn't even have to clean up or wash the dishes :-)

To continue the celebration, a group of my friends joined me at Papagayo for dinner and drinks! It's a great group spot, festive, not expensive, fun drinks and good food! Even better than birthday cake - they brought tequila snowcones out with a birthday candle!

Thanks again to everyone!  Don't forget that if you register for Starbucks rewards you get a free birthday coffee on them - any drink you'd like!

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