Saturday, October 29, 2011

Olé con amigos - Inman Square

After trying to get a reservation at Rendezvous in Central Square, they didn't have anything but really late openings so we went back to our list of restaurants we've been wanting to try - we all agreed on Olé in Inman Square. We were able to get a reservation for 8:15p on a Friday night for our group of 7 and they seated us right away - even before our whole group was there! This restaurant is pretty big - it's separated into a front and back room, and the place has a nice festive feel to it.

Olé Mexican Grill
11 Springfield Street, Cambridge - Inman Square

Most of the group started with a variety of drinks - ranging from the Olé Gimlet to their traditional margaritas, sangria and Mexican beers. My friends who had been there before said we must get the guacamole made at the table - so we ordered two of those, which was a perfect amount for our group size as you can see from the empty bowl below. They also brought out a untraditional salsa that wasn't chunky, but rather very pureed and had a sort of smoky tomato taste to it.

Their menu is broken into two parts - the first couple of pages is small plates, tapas style and they recommend 2-3 per person. The back page is larger, more traditional plates. I opted for a couple of tapas so I could try a couple different things. I chose the Ensalada de Jicama - a crunchy jicama salad with oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, tossed with a Mexican oregano-lime vinaigrette, topped with pickled red onions. I think this was my favorite from the night. I also chose one of their Tamales - the Tamal de Mole Negro, which was good, but not super flavorful - actually, 3 of us ordered that dish. I probably wouldn't order that one again though. I also got a side order of fried plantains topped with homemade crema and fresh cheese, which I really enjoyed.
My friend next to me was wavering back and forth between the fish tacos (ahi tuna), which she had really enjoyed the last time she ordered them, and trying something new. She opted for the fish tacos (not so great pic to the left), which I tried and were good - but they definitely had a kick to them and I could not have eaten more than a couple bites probably.

Some dishes that others tried - their "famous enchilada" - ordered by two, and thoroughly enjoyed by both! Some of the small plates people liked: Tacos a la Ole (citrus chile chipotle marinated chicken tacos), Tacos al Pastor (marinated roast port tacos with grilled orange-pineapple salsa) and I think maybe the Soples Olé (corn masa boats filled with goodness!). Next time I'd like to try the Elote con Chile - the grilled corn on the cob you see at tapas restaurants sometimes. Sounded delicious but I only have so much room in my stomach - especially after eating halloween candy all day at a work party! Great night catching up with friends - let's go it again soon!

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