Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bosphorus - Inman Square

I have a very bad habit of buying groupons and forgetting about them - then realizing I need to use them in the next 48 hours. Thankfully my old college roommate was around to help me use a last minute forgotten coupon to a new Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant in Inman Square - Bosphorus. I think we both really enjoyed our selections - and chose a few dishes to share so we could try out some different dishes. Some of the reviews online suggest that their service is slow, but I think because we were there earlier in the night and on a weekday, we were fine. I would definitely go back!

1164 Cambridge St, Cambridge - Inman Square

The atmosphere is nice - seems sort of middle eastern with fun lighting. This could be a good group restaurant with plenty of large tables. The menu is extensive so it made it a little difficult to choose, but the nice part is that many of the dishes come in small or large, so you can opt for small plates to share or just ordering individual entrees.

We started with a cold dish - Stuffed Baby Eggplant with tomato ragout, bell peppers, goat cheese and tabouleh. We both expected the dish to be a warm appetizer, but it was delicious - we were very happy with this order. It's easily shareable - I don't think I could eat this all by myself and still have room for another dish.

As soon as we saw the scallop dish we knew that had to be one of our dishes! Seared Sea Scallops with creamy cauliflower risotto and truffled mushrooms. The scallops were cooked perfectly - though the cauliflower risotto didn't have a texture I loved. It didn't seem like there was actually rice in it, like a risotto, but rather it was their take on a risotto like dish. It was also very rich, so I'm glad we shared again.
Our last savory dish was a Grilled Lamb Chop and Merguez sausage, tagine of vegetables, couscous and cinnamon coriander broth. Minus the sausage, we both really enjoyed this dish. We were both brave enough to try the bright red sausage but neither of us liked the texture of it. The cinnamon coriander broth really gave it that mediterranean taste. The lamb was really juicy and tender - though this dish was a little more difficult to share - albeit it was a plenty good size portion.
At the end of the meal we weren't sure if we had room for dessert but realized we still had some $$ we had to spend to use the whole groupon, so we took a look at the dessert menu to find quite a few interesting sounding options. After a little convincing from our server, we decided to give the Kunefe a try - a zesty lemon-sweetened, shredded phyllo dough with fresh mozzarella and toasted pistachios. Totally different and not at all what we expected - there's no way someone could eat this all by themselves it was so sweet. It was good though - and reminded me of baklava a little.


  1. Your descriptions, opinions and photos make me want to put Bosphorus on my list of eateries for future forays into Cambridge. Those dishes look exotic! -- Jane

  2. So glad to see you're following my adventures Jane! Thanks for the lovely comments - and yes, highly recommend this place and a long list of others in Cambridge!