Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mexican in South Boston

It's a good thing I waited to write this post about Papagyo because since I went for the first time I've been back a second time! The space is where Achilles Project used to be - a restaurant I never quite understood. Because I used to work in this area I tend to get back there a little more than the usual person - there's not much else in the area, though the harborwalk is nearby and that's a great walk to take after being full from dinner!

283 Summer Street, South Boston
The restaurant space itself is rather large - plenty of room, with both high top options by the bar and big wooden tables perfect for groups of 10+. The walls are painted really bright colors with lots of paintings on the wall to fit in with the mexican theme of the restaurant. They call themselves a "mexican kitchen and tequila bar," and I think that totally fits the bill. The service was a little slow but the food itself comes out really quickly. They have a great drink menu with lots of interesting options and the margaritas are served in giant glasses more like goblets! I've tried the traditional margarita (strong!) and the peach mojito - both delicious. The food prices are pretty inexpensive, and the drinks are reasonable if not on the slightly steeper end but remember you're getting quality and quantity here.

After a recommendation by a friend, two of us decided on the fish tacos. The other two got the shrimp and avocado salad, and one of the enchiladas dishes.
The other big draw here is the guacamole! They make it right at your table and you can choose how spicy or mild you'd like it - for $8.95 it's a little steep but it's a really big portion that will get you right through dinner. The fish tacos came with 3 tacos, but I almost wish it had come with 2 tacos and a side of beans and rice rather than eating the same 3 tacos and that's it. I did like that the fish wasn't fried though, which you often find with fish tacos. I also tried the Verde Enchiladas, which were a tiny bit spicy for my taste but still yummy. I love tomatillos - so whenever I see anything with those at a mexican restaurant I'm tempted even if it says spicy right on the description.
The second time I came here was actually for a bachelorette party, which worked out great. They have this great hightop group table called their 'tequila table' because it's surrounded by 2 walls of tequila bottles. It's reserved in two hour blocks so be sure to call pretty far in advance for a weekend night. Just going with a friend or a couple friends? As I mentioned earlier, this place is pretty big and draws an after-work crowd, so I wouldn't worry about having too long of a wait. Definitely recommend checking this place out, especially if you work or live near the South Station/Fort Point area!

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