Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Academic Chef turns 26

Yes, the actual chef, not the blog. The blog had its 3 month birthday yesterday actually. Thankfully I didn't have to make my own birthday treats because I have so many great people in my life who treat me at this time of the year to their homemade goodies.

In fact, it all started over a month ago. My mother took a recreational cake decorating class and so she showed up at my apartment in March with a cake from her class she had been practicing on - I saw that it said Happy Birthday Elise, until she pointed out that, in fact, it said "Happy Birtdy Elise." While practicing her letters she realized she had made them too big and wouldn't be able to fit the entire word, Birthday. Close enough - and what really matters is that the cake was delicious on the inside and the frosting was even better.
After a bit more practice, she was able to fit all of the letters and still keep the cake delicious! I love chocolate cake, so that's always my birthday request. The only other thing I asked for was pretty frosting colors - which definitely came through in the pink and orange theme. So thank you mom for making me two birthday cakes this year, even if one was for practice and a month early! I'll have to get a little cake decorating lesson from my mom next time I have a cake to make. In addition to two birthday cakes I also got two sets of cupcakes, ice cream from JP Licks and two lunches out! I know - I was a little spoiled with treats this year.

I've been logging cupcake reviews for places around the city, so I'll save that for another time but my office got me birthday cupcakes from Sweet in Harvard Square last Friday and they were great - probably the best of the ones I've tried so far. Anything with cream cheese frosting is okay in my books, so the carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting was my favorite.
Speaking of cream cheese frosting, my fabulous coworker made me cupcakes yesterday too - so my second batch of birthday cupcakes were banana chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting. Yummy - almost like muffin cupcakes! With so many of them, it's allowed my birthday to continue for days!

Last, but certainly not least, my old roommate brought me out to JP Licks for ice cream! Our favorite! As usual I couldn't decide on just one flavor, so I got a small with 2 of their flavors of the month: Coconut Chocolate Chip and Peanut Beckett Chip. I would definitely get the combination again, although with April coming to an end these special flavors might be gone in a few days!

Besides the sweets I also have to thank my coworkers for taking me out for lunch, where I got a unique white pizza with an artichoke spread - and also to an old grad school friend for treating me to lunch today! Thank you to everyone for making 26 a good one!

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