Friday, October 26, 2012

Sweet Cheeks Q

A birthday party a couple weekends ago brought me to Top Chef contestant, Tiffani Faison's new restaurant in the Fenway area - Sweet Cheeks. I was a bit skeptical, given I'm not usually a fan of heavy bbq food but I had a great time and the food was surprisingly delicious! Basically you can come here once a year though - the food is unbelievably rich and heavy. They have great big picnic tables for large groups and I'm always a fan of the glass jars for cups.

Sweet Cheeks Q
1381 Boylston Street, Fenway area - Boston
Having browsed the menu in advance, I arrived still not sure of what to order. In an attempt to make even one healthy decision while here I opted for the simple roasted half chicken as my main and picked their salad as one of my sides. After numerous recommendations though I had to splurge for their mac and cheese and couldn't possibly resist their biscuits they brought to the table with a honey butter. Unbelievable. I couldn't even eat one whole biscuit - that's how big and rich they were! Everything is served on a tray - very rustic.
The Natural 1/2 Chicken came with my choice of 1 hot scoop and 1 cold scoop. With 6 hot options and 4 cold options the decision was a tough one. Again, the mac n'cheese was a given for my hot - though the collard greens and broccoli casserole were close contenders. They have a farm salad that sounded delicious when our server explained it as shaved brussels sprouts, greens, grapes, nuts and parmesan cheese with some sort of delicious vinaigrette dressing. For those wanting even more flavor on their various meats, they have three different sauces on the table - ranging from a more typical bbq to a spicy sauce,
which I, of course, avoided.

For the birthday boy they brought out one of their giant nutter butters and what seemed like a hot s'mores cupcake with melted chocolate inside. I was a big fan of the nutter butter cookie - but yet again, anything with peanut butter gets my vote! I'm also not sure how any group fewer than 10 could eat that gigantic cookie!

For a bigger group, be sure to make a reservation because the place isn't too big and it gets really packed.

Oh yeah - and I almost forgot, their mixed drinks are creative - and strong! I tried their hard cider, which I also enjoyed.

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