Monday, September 24, 2012

Myers and Chang - Cheap Date Night!

The Improper Bostonian has a "Tasting" section towards the back with tips on special events at restaurants around Boston. I peruse it occasionally for ideas on new places to try out and I love coming across different deals to check out around the city. One I had my eyes on for a while was 'Cheap Date Night' at Myers + Chang, on Washington Street in the South End. Every Monday and Tuesday starting at 5:00pm, the restaurant offers special shareable menus for just $40/couple. The Chef, Joanne Chang, is the genius behind Flour Bakery, which I've always enjoyed, so I thought her and her husband's Asian restaurant just had to be good.

Myers + Chang
1145 Washington Street, South End
We made a reservation to be safe, which the restaurant recommends, but I actually think we would've been okay getting a table for 4 without the reservation. We went around 7pm on a Monday night. They have  5 separate menus in different themes that you and your date can pick from! The options are The Healthy Date, The Hot Date, The Vegetarian Date, The Pig Out Date, and The Seaside Date.

We opted for The Healthy Date:
Thai ginger chicken salad
Shiitake + Chinese greens dumplings
Pan roasted soy glazed salmon
Bok choy and wok-roasted shiitakes
Brown rice

Thai Ginger Chicken Salad
Some of the dishes were spicier than I anticipated - particularly the salad and salmon. I loved the bok choy and the dumplings were pretty good too. The amount of food was perfect - not a crazy amount but we certainly didn't leave hungry. Our friends decided to order their own dishes instead of choosing a pre-selected date night menu. Apparently their 'Mama Chang's Pork Dumplings' are one of the house specials, but we didn't get to try those this time. The Seaside Date also had some dishes that sounded tasty, but a few of them were marked as being spicy so that ruled the option out.

They also have a Dim Sum Brunch I'm interested in checking out so that might have to be the next time I head to the area! It's just down the street from one of my other South End favorites - Teranga!

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