Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday Night Happy Hour

Next time it's a Tuesday and you're looking for something to do after work - I have something for you, if you're willing to head to the South End that is!

439 Tremont Street, South End
From 5-7pm most weeknights Masa has a great happy hour deal on their tapas bar menu. For $5 you can get a little taster of 10 different bites from the menu, with things ranging from a chili almond stuffed date to a poached shrimp with tostones and salsa. It's probably difficult to share since it's just one bite, but for $5 you can probably manage to order one for each person! The drinks are great too - last night I tried the Raspberry Mojito ($9) and would absolutely order it again, delicious! My friends went more traditional opting for a glass of wine and margarita. Don't worry about getting a spot at the bar - we were the only ones holding the place down until almost 6pm.

647 Tremont Street, South End
After Masa we made our way down the street to Tremont647 for their $2 Taco Tuesday night!! This has been on my radar to try out for a while and I'm glad we finally did. The prices were reasonable, especially with their $2 taco menu and the food was pretty good. They have a small patio area out front, but it was way too hot to be outside so we opted for a nice table inside. It's pretty loud there but we were glad to not have a wait for a table. We started with drinks - I enjoyed my choice at Masa better. I tried their special drink of the night - a Watermelon Daquiri, thinking it would be frozen, but it was on the rocks and didn't taste a lot like watermelon. My friend tried their Raspberry Vodka Gimlet and loved it though. We started with chips, salsa, guacamole and their "sides plate" - and be warned, while I'm super sensitive to spicy things, it seemed like everything had a bit of a kick to it. Not enough to stop me from eating though! The service was great - food came pretty quickly. Our server suggested 2-3 tacos per person, so we listed and each ordered 3, plus a couple sides to share - we got the plantains and the rice and beans. Plantains were yummy - loved the banana guava ketchup that it came with! Apparently the tacos change every Tuesday, with some staples. We tried the chicken, pork and fish ones - I think the chicken was my favorite and I didn't like the fish. It was way too fried and hard - definitely wouldn't get that one again. The chicken taco had chopped up canteloupe salsa in it and the pork had a mango salsa I think. With the sides and drinks I probably would've been fine with just 2 tacos. The server also convinced us to try one of their desserts and if I may say so, it was a flop. It was a chocolate crepe with mango ice cream on top, but for $7 price tag and the tiny portion it was definitely not worth it. I mean, the crepe tasted good, but I think we each got one bite and we were playing nice and sharing well. So if you're craving dessert I'd say skip it there because there are plenty of other dessert options in the area - like South End Buttery (cupcakes and other treats), Picco (ice cream) and probably others I'm unaware of!

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