Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I scream, You scream, We all scream for Ice Cream!!

For the past few years I've either been to or volunteered at the Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl, and this year is no different. It opened today and goes through until Thursday evening, so I hope that you too can take the time to check it out down at city hall plaza by government center. It's a fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund - but at the same time it's a fantastic summer event with all you can eat ice cream. This year there are 8 different ice cream companies that are coming in and each one is doing tastings of at least 3 of their ice cream flavors. It's just $8 to get in - a bargain considering you're getting all the ice cream you could dream of and it's all going to charity. Don't worry about the portion size either - you're not just getting a spoonful of ice cream, many of the stands are giving away what is a kiddie or baby size at local ice cream shoppes.

I have a method that seems to work - I try one ice cream at each stand first and never finish the scoop if you don't like it. There's too many good flavors to eat ice cream you don't like! If, after the first go around, you're stomach can still handle a 2nd round, go around again but only to the stands where you had a hard time deciding between two flavors. For example, at the Ben and Jerry's stand my coworker and I couldn't decide between 3 flavors so on our 2nd trip around we both wanted to get their Milk and Cookies flavor (delicious, by the way).
There were a lot of stands with mint chocolate chip flavors and oreo/cookies and cream flavors. I feel like there was a bit more variety last year - but still, there had to have been at least 30 flavors you could try. There weren't a lot of fruity flavors - this bright yellow one was a Mango sorbet and if you like Mango you would love this flavor. The Ciao Bella Wild Blueberry Sorbet was delicious, and my coworker fell in love with their Key Lime Graham Gelato.
So, what's the verdict on favorite flavors you might be wondering ... the list of flavors highlighted this year are here. My top picks amongst the 13 or 14 that I tried were:
Baskin Robbins - S'More the Merrier
Ben and Jerry's - Late Night Snack
Ciao Bella - Wild Blueberry Sorbet

Now that you've heard it here - get out there and decide for yourself which flavors are your favorites! When else can you eat lots of sweets and feel good about it because it's going to such a good cause?! With all of this great summery, sunny weather it's also super refreshing!


  1. I'm going tomorrow and I can't wait!

  2. Fantastic - I'm volunteering tonight so maybe we'll run into each other!