Monday, June 27, 2011

Herb Update!

I did it! I managed to grow the herbs from seeds and not buy seedlings - and 4 out of the 5 actually grew! I even used the cilantro and basil for cooking this weekend. This picture was taken in early April when I first planted my little seeds. I definitely learned that you don't need to plant 10-20 seeds. I thought that the more I planted the more likely I was for the plant to actually grow. Not the best theory. My plants are actually overcrowding themselves now because too many of the seeds grew. Lesson learned.
2 months and a couple weeks later and this is what I've got on my porch! Only one of the basil plants actually grew - not sure what the problem was with the 2nd one. My cilantro is growing like crazy, as is the Dill (no idea what to even do with all of it) and the rosemary is coming along slowly but surely. I used the basil to make an Orange and Basil salad, and used the cilantro to make a homemade corn and tomatillo salsa! Love having the outdoor space even if it is kind of small!

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