Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sensitive Fire Alarm - suggestions please!!

Okay - as I mentioned earlier, I have the world's most sensitive fire alarm in my new apartment and I'm not being dramatic here. I turned the oven on last night to preheat it to make baked sweet potato fries - at 380 degrees. I put the fries in and 3 minutes later, fire alarm started going off! The potatoes were still bright orange and hard - definitely not smoky and burnt! I'm not sure if it's sensing the heat or what, but I'm about ready to unplug it. So, given that's not the safe option for a girl living by herself - or really for anyone for that matter, I'm looking for a different solution. Any suggestions out there? What makes a fire alarm more sensitive than another? Different brand? Are there different levels? Please help me! I cook WAY too much to be fanning the alarm every time I want to cook - plus my ceilings are high and I have to get out a step stool to even make a difference while fanning a dish towel. I would also like to point out that the alarm isn't even in the kitchen - it's over near the bedroom!
I appreciate any suggestions for different alarms or ways to make it care less about my not-smoky cooking!

No need to test mine, it definitely works!


  1. if the oven was cleaned and not wiped out there could be small amount of smoke also if it was a self clean and ovan cleaner was used that is a problem also try always turning on the hood fan when you cook hope this helps love aunty marianne

  2. I would just tell the landlord. :)