Thursday, June 28, 2012

Never a shortage of pizza options

Emma's Pizza
40 Hampshire Street, Kendall Square - Cambridge
The Kendall Square area has really exploded in the last couple of years so I'm always up for exploring it further. My friend and I tried out Emma's Pizza, whose claim to fame on their website is "carefully crafted thin crust since the 60's" so they're not one of the new restaurants in the area. They have a little counter to order take out from, and also a small dining room with lots of uniquely decorate pizza peels hanging up on the walls around the restaurant.
They have such a long menu of pizza options on the list, which made it very difficult to decide! We opted for their Pedro's Guacamole - tangy and garlicky for dipping their homemade flatbread chips into. Delicious - but much too large of a portion for just 2 people and not enough dipping chips for the large quantity of dip (also a bit pricey at $8.95). The salads we saw coming out of the kitchen also looked good!
As for their pizzas, they have 3 different types of sauces to choose from as the base for your pizza. Rather than making our own, we trusted 2 of the chef's creations and got a large pizza divided into two different kinds. The first half was the #3 - baby spinach, roasted sweet potato, caramelized onions, garlic, rosemary sauce, mozzarella and goat cheese. The rosemary sauce they have is described as a spicier tomato sauce with fresh rosemary, but even my very sensitive tongue didn't think this sauce was too spicy, so you're safe if you're like me and don't like spice! For the other half we chose their most simple pizza - #2 - cherry tomato, basil, garlic, traditional sauce and mozzarella, but also had them add broccoli to it. I loved that it wasn't such tiny pieces of broccoli that you couldn't even tell it was there - nice bite size chunks! Both of the pizzas were great - we ate the whole pie! I think I liked the sweet potato one better, but only because it was different than the usual. With 23 other pizzas on the menu I could easily come back here and find another two halves to try out! We were also tempted by the pressed sandwiches - in particular the roasted veggie one. Not the place for a big group, but nice intimate feeling for a couple of friends catching up over a long dinner!

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