Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Late Night Waffles? Yes, please!

Looking for a good late night place to swing by after being out in Boston? Planning to be in the Faneuil Hall area? Well I have the place for you! Saus is a good late night option on Union Street right around the corner from the usual standby's like Bell in Hand and Hennessey's - they describe themselves as "Boston's first Belgian street food cafe." They are open til 2am on Fridays and Saturday's, so even past last call. We walked all the way from the Loews by the common after a late movie and it was totally worth it!

33 Union Street by Faneuil Hall, Boston

We opted for sweet over salty - but the basis of their menu is waffles and frites, with all kinds of homemade sauces. A basic waffle with powdered sugar is $3.75 and then you choose the sauces you want for an additional $0.75 each. Not a bargain, but a fun treat at the end of a night. We went with the homemade nutella sauce, which totally hit the spot. The waffle was still a little crispy, but soft and chewy on the inside - delicious. Other waffle toppings included 'berry berry,' 'salted caramel,' and 'lemon cream.' Next time I'll have to try out the frites, which start out a $4.25 for a 'petite' and go up to $7.00 for a 'big'. Plus they have 12 different homemade dipping sauces for the fries alone! Mm - bacon parmesan, truffle ketchup, green monster and even a little saturday night chive.

The one downfall, for me at least, was the serious number of drunk people there given how late it was, but it is what it is - you're at a late night foodie spot near lots of bars, so if that's not your scene, you've gotten fair warning - just head over earlier in the night! Even though the place is a little small there are some hightops/bar areas to stand area, and some smaller tables with seats, so if you wait a little there'll probably be somewhere to sit to enjoy your belgian deliciousness.

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