Friday, February 11, 2011

13 Sargent Road's very own "Chopped"

Okay, so does everyone out there know that show on the Food Network, Chopped, where each contestant gets a basket of ingredients that they must use for their dish?? Well, we're doing that here at my house tonight! There's a couple differences of course - 1.) On the show they have 30 minutes to prepare their dish (I need WAY more than that), 2.) On the show they don't know the ingredients ahead of time, I do! 3.) On the show they start out with 4 contestants, in my version, I'm the only contestant!

I sent my dad to the grocery store the other day and told him about this plan of mine, to replicate Chopped, and he did a good job picking out 3 ingredients I have to use in tonight's meal. He brought home . . .

A Kubota Squash . . .

Kumquats . . .

and a bag of Extra-Jumbo Shrimp!

What would you make?!?
Make sure to check back in later tonight to see what I ended up cooking with these ingredients!

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